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Managing 60% of organizational space effectively adds 20% to your bottom line every year.

It’s a proven fact that facility managers and administrative/HR executives who can efficiently manage space and assets within their companies are tomorrow’s organizational global leaders. Maintaining control within organizational spaces and the employees and assets occupying those spaces is difficult at best to manage. a-mantra was built on this premise, creating flexible, thematic products and vertical industry solutions that can easily fit into your existing HR or business processes.

Founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of SatNav Technologies, a global leader in enterprise software solutions that enhance organizational efficiency both in the field and in the office, a-mantra began a fast track to the nearly one million daily users it now boasts today. Its patented cloud-based IT and mapping ERP solutions to manage intra-facility resources have won multiple prestigious awards and are utilized by small and large organizations alike – from regional companies with 50 employees or more to Fortune 500 global leaders.

Through its alliances with global joint venture investors and an international network of world-class reseller partners, a-mantra and SatNav are well on their way to expanding around the globe with a billion product user transactions daily, saving the organizations it serves millions of dollars annually.

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Flexible Web and Map-Based Facility Management Tools:

  • Choose From Any Product Modules and Vertical Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs
  • All Products Hosted on the Cloud or On Internal Server
  • Interface or Integrate With Any ERP or HR Software Like Peoplesoft
  • Full Integration with Single Sign-On DLLs like ELDAP or Site Finder
  • Integrates With Any Access Card and Security Systems
  • Customizable Data Download Features for Uploading Into Any Custom Accounts Packages
  • Customized, Branded PO and Invoice Generation
  • Integrates with Any Email and SMS Gateways to Receive Alerts