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Since 2004, a-mantra and SatNav Technologies is proud to have been the recipient of over a dozen prestigious awards from major forums and companies from around the globe for its map and cloud-based IT products.

Flexible Web and Map-Based Facility Management Tools:

  • Choose From Any Product Modules and Vertical Solutions to Fit Your Unique Needs
  • All Products Hosted on the Cloud or On Internal Server
  • Interface or Integrate With Any ERP or HR Software Like Peoplesoft
  • Full Integration with Single Sign-On DLLs like ELDAP or Site Finder
  • Integrates With Any Access Card and Security Systems
  • Customizable Data Download Features for Uploading Into Any Custom Accounts Packages
  • Customized, Branded PO and Invoice Generation
  • Integrates with Any Email and SMS Gateways to Receive Alerts