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Banks and Financial Institutions

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Our Banks and Financial Institutions vertical provides turnkey solutions for managing your bank branches or offices locations efficiently. Our clients range from regional banks, financial services, and insurance offices to world-leading international banks and financial institutions. Add spatial tools such as auto-CAD or GIS for visual, thematic display of your buildings or properties, or our Maintenance Manager product module for full -scale management of all your facility needs.

Why a-mantra For Banks?

  • At your fingertips tracking of the number and location of branches and ATMs across the world with their common vs. utilized area
  • Standardize the space requirements for branches and different branch types
  • Identify the space occupied by different banking products and consolidate the spaces for phased out products
  • Create new processes for allocating a space to a particular product with complete transparency company-wide
  • Identify each space with the employee occupying that space
  • Globally recognized you-define space naming convention
  • Stored inventory of all drawing files in CAD format

Track, Store and Maintain:

  • Branch/Office Location Information
  • ATM Location & Maintenance Information
  • Asset Management(Computers, Printers, Cash counting machines, etc.)
  • Carpet Area/Storage Area/Workable Area
  • Employee Information by Location

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • New Process Creation Company Wide
  • Number of Bank Locations
  • Geographic Density for Banks
  • Geographic Density for ATMs
  • Type of Locations (Owned/Rented)
  • Carpet Area Availability
  • Common Area Percentage
  • Workable Area Percentage
  • Number of Cabins/Cubicles
  • Number of Employees per Location & Contact Information
  • Seat Location for Each Employee
  • Assets Allocated to Locations
  • Assets In-Charge
  • Assets By Brand/Model
  • Asset Tagged Information
  • Utility Details Per Branch or Office

Solution Key Features:

  • Location Fulfillment
  • Branch/ATM Management
  • Bank and ATM Locations on Map/GPS
  • Ability to Close / Open a Location
  • Raising Additional Space Requests
  • Space to Branch Link
  • Space Planning
  • Space Allocation
  • Space De-Allocation
  • Integration with Existing ERP/CRM/HR Software


Enhance organizational efficiency, save significant staff resources and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved space and asset utilization and management! To learn more about how this solution can help your financial institution operate its national or worldwide space and assets more efficiently, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

Banks and Financial Institutions Vertical for:

  • Banks
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Wealth Management