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Consumable Assets Manager

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Our Consumable Assets Manager product module provides turnkey solutions for managing the consumable assets and forecasting inventory need within your corporate office locations more efficiently, increasing productivity, inventory savings and effective management by administrative staff. Our clients range from retail outlets to globally-located Fortune 500 companies.

Why a-mantra For Retail, Stock Rooms and Corporate?

  • Data tracking of how many items are consumed on a daily basis
  • Track stock‚Äôs inward and outward movements
  • Identify who has ordered and used which product
  • Forecast inventory and order quantities required based on the past metrics
  • Implement new processes and improve existing to uncover savings
  • Centralized database to track and inventory all consumable assets

Track, Store and Maintain:

  • Products/Items Used per Month
  • Forecasts of Consumables Required by Order or Time Period
  • Minimum Stock Alerts
  • Stock Used By Data Metrics
  • Vendor Contacts and Orders

Solution Key Features:

  • Simple Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Forecasting Reports
  • Stock/Inventory Register and Alerts
  • Handover Register
  • Automated Monthly Reports
  • Vendor and Ordering Management

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • New Process Creation and Implementation
  • Consumable Assets Availability & Inventory Location
  • Number of items Consumed
  • Least Consumable Product Reporting
  • Fast Moving Assets
  • Consumable Assets by User
  • Consumable Assets Allocated By Location or Facility
  • Assets In-Charge
  • Vendor Relationships and Order Histories
  • Detailed MIS Report Generation


Enhance organizational efficiency, save significant staff resources, ensure inventory control and savings, and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved consumable asset requests, allocation, and management! To learn more about how this solution can help your facility manage its consumable assets more efficiently, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

Consumable Assets Management Product Module for:

  • Corporations
  • Stock Rooms
  • Retail & Retail Outlets
  • IT & ITES Organizations