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Facility Management Solutions

Active Daily Users

At a-mantra, we understand there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to your facilities management needs. That’s why we offer turnkey solutions for small and large businesses alike in several distinct verticals. Our clients range from small companies with 50 employees to global operations with hundreds of thousands of employees and assets to track and manage daily. Pick and choose from an array of product modules to customize the solution that best fits your organization’s unique needs.

Real Estate and Property Management Companies

a-mantra’s Building Management System provides you with 20/20, 360° visibility of your real estate properties and buildings at all times. Property managers can quickly and easily review lease options and track renewals and payments with a pre-defined automated escalation matrix. Our real estate solution also manages and updates rental and land leases and stores lease-related documents. Automated email and SMS triggers keep you on track with payments, expirations or renewals.

Banks and Financial Institutions

a-mantra Bank Facilities Management provides banks control and management of widespread bank or insurance branch and ATM locations worldwide. An enterprise level, highly flexible web-based facility management system designed exclusively for the specific needs of banks and financial institutions, a-mantra helps world class financial institutions maintain both self-performed and sub-contracted facilities management and maintenance, track new acquisitions and implement new procedures efficiently…. increasing your bottom line.

Corporate Facility Management

a-mantra’s Corporate Facility Management solution provides you ultimate, visual control on both space and asset management with respect to the vertical, department and project/programs. Facility heads can quickly compare forecasts, budgeted and actuals with the space that is occupied; minimizing occupancies, inefficiencies and chargebacks. Maximize savings and efficiency in the management of your fixed, movable and consumable assets by integrating our module with your ERP or any asset data. Track end-to-end life cycle of every asset from PO to location and usage to disposal. Automated inventory and billing reports, along with e-mail and notifications for different verticals and departments keeps everyone in the loop.

Educational Institutions

a-mantra’s Educational Facility Management helps school, college, university and trade school administrators to maximize efficient space planning for every campus building, assign, organize and manage staff to different courses, and evaluate the existing facilities and assets within the building. Our facility management solution brings transparency on the assets and consumables being utilized within your educational institution. Book conference or study rooms with a simple mouse click on our interactive thematic maps. Amenities ordering options for each facility reservation, from sandwiches to projection screens, are selected and the facilities management team alerted to fulfill the order request.


a-mantra’s IT & BPO solution typically combines the Space and Asset Management solution for Corporate Facilities with our Seat Optimization module to meet the needs of these unique verticals. Automate the workflow of seat requisition, scheduling/blocking and allocation and designate whether seats are dedicated or shared using our online thematic maps and tracking system. Seamlessly integrate with your HR, ERP and CRM systems to leverage your existing enterprise software investment and maximize savings.