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IT Assets

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Our IT Assets Manager product module provides turnkey solutions for managing the complete life cycle of IT assets within your corporate office locations more efficiently, increasing productivity and effective management by administrative staff. Our clients range from IT and BPO companies to globally-located Fortune 500 companies. Our Maintenance Manager and Help Desk product modules are included for full – scale management of IT assets across all office or facility locations.

Why a-mantra For IT Companies and Corporate?

  • Establish Point of Accountability Within an Organization
  • Mitigate Risks in Data Theft and IT Infringement
  • Transparency in IT Assets Handling
  • Implement new processes and improve existing to uncover savings
  • Reliable back end data to support strategic decision makers
  • Centralized database to track and control all IT assets
  • Increased accountability to ensure compliance requirements are met
  • Establish asset performance indicators throughout asset life cycle
  • Standardize space-asset requirements for expanding your business
  • Identify turnaround times from problem identification to problem resolution
  • Identify each asset with an asset owner
  • Globally-recognized naming convention for each asset, you-define asset name for each asset
  • Inventory of all drawing files of your premises in CAD format

Track, Store and Maintain:

  • Physical Location of IT Assets
  • Asset Lifecycle Data and Tracking
  • Track Asset Management Contracts for IT Assets
  • Asset Ownership of Each IT Asset
  • Asset Condition Tracking
  • Depreciation Costs

Solution Key Features:

  • IT Asset Procurement
  • IT Asset Installation and Movement
  • Maintenance Scheduling & Tracking
  • Maintenance Help Desk
  • Asset Owner Mapping
  • Stock Room Inventory
  • Gate Pass Creation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Vendor Asset Management Contracts (AMC) Tracking
  • Space-Asset Allocation
  • Space-Asset De-Allocation
  • Floor Plan With All IT Assets Location and Information

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • New Process Creation and Implementation
  • IT Assets Availability & Location
  • Number of Assets by Condition
  • Asset Fixation TAT
  • Type of Assets (Owned/Rented)
  • Track Asset Consumption by Department, Project or Facility
  • IT Assets Life Cycle – From Requisition to PO to Installation to Disposal
  • Assign Barcodes to IT Assets
  • Asset Management Contracts (AMCs)
  • Installation Procedures and Manuals
  • Fire and Security Plans
  • Assets In-Charge
  • New to Old Asset Ratios
  • Assets by Brand/Model
  • Asset Tagged Information
  • Utility Data & Tracking
  • Detailed MIS Report Generation


Enhance organizational efficiency, save significant staff resources, ensure compliance requirements, and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved IT asset assignment, tracking, utilization and management! To learn more about how this solution can help your facility manage its IT assets more efficiently, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

IT Assets Management Product Module for:

  • IT & ITES Organizations
  • Hosting Companies
  • Large Corporate
  • Companies With Greater Than 100 IT Assets