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Real Estate and Property Management

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Our Real Estate and Property Management vertical provides turnkey solutions for managing your property and rentals efficiently. Target customers can range from small independent owner-operators in the real estate, rental, and hospitality industries to large multi-national property management firms, REITs, and chains. Add spatial tools such as auto-CAD or GIS for visual, thematic display of your buildings or properties, or our Maintenance Manager product module for full -scale management of all your property needs.

Track, Store and Maintain:

  • Building Information
  • Property Documentation
  • Tenant Information
  • Lease Information
  • Site Assets
  • Maintenance Needs

Solution Key Features:

  • Purchasers CRM & Tracking
  • Sellers CRM & Tracking
  • Lease and Surrender Module
  • Document Controller
  • Space to Building Link
  • Space Planning
  • Space Allocation
  • Space De-Allocation

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Tenants Contact Information
  • Rental Receipts
  • Defaulters List
  • Maintenance Problems
  • Security & Pet Deposits
  • Lease Expiration Dates
  • Lease Lock-in Periods
  • Rent Free Periods
  • Location of Buildings / Homes
  • Status of Buildings (Owned/Rented)
  • Centralized Storage of Lease Agreements, Mortgages, Licenses, Insurance, Maintenance Agreements, Searchable by Tenant, Owner, Property Location


Enhance organizational efficiency, save significant staff resources and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved space and asset utilization and management! To learn more about how this solution can help your organization operate its property more efficiently, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

Real Estate and Property Management Vertical for:

  • Real Estate Owners
  • Property Management Firms
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Government & Military
  • Logistics Companies