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Reservation/Scheduling Manager

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Our Reservation / Scheduling Manager product module provides turnkey solutions for managing the scheduling and management of your facility’s shared spaces efficiently. Our clients range from colleges and universities to hotels to online learning centers and convention centers. Spatial tools such as auto-CAD or GIS for visual, thematic display of your buildings or facilities are included for bricks and mortar institutions, or add our Maintenance Manager or Help Desk product modules for full -scale management of all your facility needs.

Why a-mantra For Universities, Hotels and Venues?

  • Track student and instructor contact data
  • Schedule meeting rooms, conference/lecture halls, and other facilities online
  • Student or teacher online leave application and absence notifications
  • Track and maintain fixed and consumable assets online for facility reservations
  • Digitized, visual layout of the institution campus or facility and scheduling

Track, Store and Maintain:

  • Class Schedules
  • Facilities Reservations/Bookings
  • Departments and Faculty (Personnel)
  • Consumable and Fixed Assets
  • Asset Lifecycle Data
  • Vendor Data
  • Maintenance Management

Solution Key Features:

  • Room Reservation System
  • Classroom Scheduling System
  • Facility Reservation System
  • Amenities Ordering
  • Asset Management System
  • Maintenance Help Desk

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • Blocks and Departments by Facility, School or College
  • Classes Available by Block or Department
  • Booking a Meeting Room or Facility
  • Amenities and Consumables Ordering
  • Meeting Requests to Students, Teachers or Personnel
  • Amenities and Consumables Procurement System
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Creation and Tracking


Enhance organizational efficiency, effectively manage facility and campus spaces and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved space and asset utilization and management!To learn more about how this solution can help your facility manage its reservation scheduling and spaces more efficiently, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

Reservation/Scheduling Manager Product Module For:

  • Schools & School Districts
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Hospitality – Hotels
  • Concierge
  • Large Corporate Facilities
  • Training Institutes & Trade Schools
  • Online Universities
  • E-Portals
  • Venues, Convention Centers, Concert Arenas
  • Community Based Education & Training Programs