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Seat Optimization

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Our Seat Optimization product module provides turnkey solutions for managing the efficient resource utilization and employee spaces scheduling within your office locations more efficiently, increasing productivity and saving money. Our clients range from IT and BPO companies to call centers to globally-located Fortune 500 companies. Automate the entire workflow of your seat utilization process in real-time – from seat requisition, blocking and allocation – to optimize seat utilization for the entire life-cycle of the seat. Our Seat Optimization module integrates seamlessly with any ERP, HR or CRM system currently in place to help leverage your existing enterprise system investments.

Why a-mantra For Seat Optimization?

  • Maximize productivity of your employees by eliminating any confusion on seat allocation and assignments
  • Track seat utilization from requisition to blocking and scheduling to allocation
  • Improve seat allocation parameters based on internal process, project or department
  • Leverage investments in existing enterprise systems by seamlessly integrating the entire seat utilization solution
  • Improve work flow processes with real-time online access and print provisions at critical stages for records
  • Inventory of all drawing files of your premises in CAD format

Track, Store and Manage:

  • Seat Scheduling by Shifts
  • Pre-Defined Seat Utilization Ratios
  • Shared vs. Dedicated Seats
  • Seat Allocation by Person and Schedules
  • Identification and Allocation of Seats According to Best Fit, Project or Department

Solution Key Features:

  • Seat Requisition
  • Seat Blocking and Scheduling
  • Seat Utilization
  • Seat Allocation
  • Seat De-Allocation
  • Seat Consolidation
  • Thematic, Color-Coded Mapping

Efficient Cloud-Based Management of:

  • Shared vs. Dedicated Seats
  • Half or Partial Vacant Seats for Efficient Scheduling
  • Total Occupancy Ratios
  • Shift Utilization Factors and Scheduling
  • Project to Seat Ratios
  • Movement of Seats
  • Employee to Seat Allocation & Tracking
  • Search and View Ports on Maps
  • Detailed MIS Reports Generation


Enhance organizational efficiency, optimize scheduling, increase productivity and space management, and obtain ongoing month over month ROI within 6 months or less through improved seat assignment, shift scheduling, utilization and management! To learn more about how this solution can help your facility manage seat utilization optimally, contact us now for more information or to request a demonstration presentation.

Seat Optimization Product Module for:

  • BPOs and KPOs
  • IT & ITES Organizations
  • Retail & Retail Outlets
  • Knowledge Services
  • Call Centers
  • Help Desks